Leaking Shower ?

Why pay hundreds of dollars and have a tradesman seal it when our sealing system is designed to be used by anyone. By providing the DIY kits, we save you time, money and hassle by providing you with our latest cutting-edge epoxy product that will stop your shower leaking problem quickly and efficiently.

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A leaking shower left unrepaired can result in mould, dry rot and structural problems that can cost thousands to repair.

At Shower Leak Solutions, we have developed a system using specialised products, tools and procedures that have allowed us to repair leaking showers without the need to remove tiles.

Being in the shower sealing industry since 2005, we have sealed thousands of showers using our system. We are now offering to sell the products needed to seal a shower. We have our step by step guide so that our DIY kits can be used by anyone. Even if you have never used any tools before.

Why pay hundreds of dollars and have a tradesman seal it when our sealing system is designed to be used by anyone. By providing the DIY kits, we save you time, money and hassle by providing you with our latest cutting-edge epoxy product that will stop your shower leaking problem quickly and efficiently.


If you inspect your shower and have noticed any of these signs, there is a possibility you have a leaking shower. If the leak is caused through cracked or missing grout, sealants missing or peeling, our DIY sealing system is the best solution to rectify the leak.

If you have cracked tiles, leaking shower screen, leaking pipes then our system is not designed for these repairs as more work is involved to seal the shower. A sealing company like Elite Shower Repairs will be required to do an onsite inspection.


Your house will most likely be the biggest investment you will make, so you will want to ensure shower leaks are fixed quickly. Like many houses built these days the walls and floors joints are known to settle for many years after it is built. The frequent use of your shower may also cause unnoticeable vibration of the walls and floor area in your shower. These minor vibrations, along with the settlement of the foundation of the house, may cause small hairline cracks within shower recess. 95% of cracks to occur in the shower recess are to the perimeter junctions where the wall meets the floor.

Any movement of the walls or the floor will cause the grout to crack and possibly fall out. While these cracks may seem minor at first, as these cracks are continuously exposed to water, they can also cause the waterproofing membrane under the tiles to become brittle as water seeps through the cracks. Water leaks can cause health issues such as hazardous mould and bacteria to build up, structural damage such as timber fixtures to swell and even attract ants or even worse destructive pests such as termites.

If your shower is leaking, do not hesitate any longer. Shower repairs need to be done straight away so that surrounding areas of your home do not become water damaged.


A leaking shower is one of the most common bathroom problems in Australia. When left unrepaired, it could cause structural problems to your bathroom that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. When you see any sign of a shower leak, getting it fixed immediately is key to preventing further damage and to save you from hefty future repairs.

What are the Signs of a Leaking Shower?

A leaking shower may not always be obvious. Sometimes, you might not know it, but your walls can become saturated, paint on your walls will start to bubble, and mould can start to accumulate. Other signs include a musty smell on the walls near your bathroom, paint peeling, rotting timber or your flooring starting to rot, grout in your bathroom start to fall out or go missing.

When any of these signs start to show, you must find the leak immediately, or call a tradesman who can diagnose the problem, and offer the repairs needed to fix the issue.

Types of Shower Leak Repairs in Australia

The type of repair needed for your shower leak depends on the cause of the problem. Some causes of shower leaks include a leaking pipe, an aged grout, a cracked tile, or a cracked movement joint. Most leaks occur on drains, curbs, and corners, but many issues are also caused by a structural deficiency.

Some bathrooms lack the waterproof membrane required before the installation of tiles. While most tiles are waterproof, some may not be sealed properly where the integrity of your walls may lack the waterproof membrane, which is deemed as the last line of defence against leaks. In such cases, a qualified tradesman is needed to evaluate the problem, and provide the proper treatments to fix your leak.

Some shower leak repairs involve:

  • – Re-tiling
  • – Sealing service
  • – Re-grouting
  • – Re-waterproofing

Tips to Prevent Shower Leaks After It’s Repaired

Once your shower has been repaired, there are a few habits which help prevent the leak from happening again. Some of these tips include:

  • Don’t put weight on your shower arm.

Sometimes, the cause of a leak is as simple as the short arm having been placed under heavy weight, causing it to loosen or break from the wall and therefore causing the leak.

  • Don’t use highly corrosive cleaning products.  

While these are highly effective in removing grime, dirt, and stains from your bathroom, they are highly acidic and can damage your tiles, silicone, and grout.

  • Fix the problem immediately with the first sign of a leak.  

There are shower DIY kit solutions for grout replacement in the market that you can easily buy. These are made of epoxy grout shower solutions that you can do yourself before a bigger problem occurs.

If you’re looking for shower leak solution that you can do on your own, then buying a shower DIY kit is one of the best options you can have. However, if the problem is too much for a DIY grout solution, then a reliable and trusted tradesman will have the capacity and expertise to make sure your shower leak doesn’t cause further damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most asked questions from our customers.

Our DIY kits will seal any tiled shower provided it is sound and has no structural movement.
Yes, we offer several colours, not just white.
1 kit will do a standard size shower. Approx 1sqm.
Definitely. A 2nd kit can be purchased to seal the shower floor joints. Doing the shower floor will require more manual work and extra tool which can be purchased via our website.
We will provide tools to remove exiting seal. Existing silicone will need to be removed for our product to adhere correctly.
Our step by step instruction guide ensures anyone can use our system when repairing a leaking shower.
Yes. Shower must be dry 24 hours before application. Shower can be used 24 hours after application.
All orders are to be placed via website.