Terms & Conditions

  • Before ordering our Shower Leak Solutions DIY Kits for leaking showers, please refer to our “Terms & Conditions, Returns & Refunds and Shipping Policies as they form part of the online sales contract with customers.
  • Although each of the “Shower Leak Solution” DIY kits come with clear to read safety warnings that are found on our Instruction Manual “Shower Leak Solutions” accepts no responsibility for customers misusing the product and suffering any form of injury as a result;
  • The contents of each DIY kit may vary from the images shown on this website. All DIY kits when using the instructions manual enclosed will perform the same sealing service or similar functionality when repairing your leaking shower;
  • The customer warrants that the structure of the shower upon which these Materials are to be installed or erected is sound and will sustain the installation and works incidental thereto and the Shower Leak Solutions shall not be liable for any claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses how so ever caused or arising should the shower be unable to accommodate the installation;
  • The customer acknowledges that Shower Leak Solutions is only responsible for Materials that are repaired by Shower Leak Solutions. The customer agrees to indemnify Shower Leak Solutions against any warranty claims, loss or damage to the works, or caused by the Materials, or any part there of how so ever arising;
  • Shower Leak Solutions accepts no responsibility for any damage or defects in any Materials caused by movement, shrinkage;
  • Prices are in Australian dollars ($AUD). The standard shipping costs are included in the final price. Please refer to our policy on “Shipping” for more information on shipping costs.